StarliteHD-e Transvideo


5" 3G HD/SD - SDI OLED Monitor-recorder

With metadata agregator

StarliteHD-e Transvideo


5" 3G HD/SD - SDI OLED Monitor-recorder

Sarting from 1250*,-Euros

StarliteRF-a Transvideo

StarliteRF-a V2

5" Monitor-recorder with built-in receiver

Sarting from 5000*,-Euros

Stargate Transvideo

Stargate V2

7" 3G HD/SD - SDI LCD Monitor-recorder


CinemonitorHD-Evolution eSBL X-SBL Transvideo

CinemonitorHD Evolution

The ultimate toolbox - from 6" to 15"

Starting from 3500*,-Euros

RainbowHD Transvideo


7" lightweight and rugged monitor

Sarting from 1700*,-Euros

Transvideo CinemonitorHd 3DView

3Dview Stereo monitors

The most advanced 3D Stereo toolbox

Sarting from 5300*,-Euros

Wireless HD

CinemonitorHD RF & 3DView RF**

Film monitors**

CinemoniotorIIIa, RainbowII, Starlite Color

Wireless SD & UHF**

Rainbow RF, Rainbow UHF

* According to models and stock availability.
** Can be ordered online until the stock lasts.