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Our Awards

Transvideo OSCAR 2009 Scientific and Engineering Award

Academy of Motion Pictures 2009
Scientific and Engineering Award 2009.

Transvideo Cinec Award 2016 - StarliteHD-ARRI

CinecAward 2016
for StarliteHD-ARRI monitor-recorder

Cinec Award 2010 - CinemonitorHD 3DView Transvideo

CinecAward 2010
for the CineMonitorHD 3DView

Transvideo Primex Prix de motivation à l'exportation

Primex 2010
Award for exportation strategy.

Transvideo Vidy Award 2009 - CinemonitorHD 3Dview

Vidy Award 2009
for the CineMonitorHD 3DView.

Transvideo TV Technology Star Award 2008 Best advanced technonoly

TV Technology Star Award 2008
for Best Advanced Technology.

Transvideo Sales and PRIMES Award 2005 International Sales Strategy

Sales & PRIMES Award 2005
For our International Sales Strategy.

Our Partners

Thales Angenieux
Betz Tools
BH Photovideo
Cinematography Electronics CineTape measure
CVP group, Professional Video cameras, Broadcast Camcorders
Cooke optics Cinematography lenses
Fujinon cinematography lenses
Panasonic profesionnal video cameras
Pomfort Film Production Processes
Preston Cinema Systems
Red Digital Cinema
Sony digital cinema professional video cameras
Tiffen Steadicam body rig systems
Zeiss cinematography lenses

Since 1985, Transvideo designs state-of-the-art equipment for Digital Cinema, filmmaking, video-assist, focus puller, camera assistant.
Transvideo manufactures videoassit on-board monitors, CineMonitorHD, Stargate, StarliteHD, wireless HDTV systems TitanHD, wireless monitors StarliteRF, camera accessories.
The LensReader™ is a metadata aggregator compatible with smart-lenses Zeiss eXtended, Cooke /i and with modern cameras like ARRI, RED, Panasonic VARICAM, SONY VENICE.
Specialist in high technical niche market, Transvideo is a leading company for 3D-Stereography, Gimballs, Steadicam™, body-rig and also avionics.

Depuis 1985 Transvideo conçoit des équipements électroniques de pointe pour le cinéma argentique et numérique, mais aussi pour l’avionique.
Dans le cinéma TRANSVIDEO fabrique des moniteurs de contrôle intelligents qui affichent une image parfaite et aussi les métadonnées des optiques et des caméras grâce au LensReader™.
Les moniteurs CineMonitorHD, Stargate, StarliteHD sont parfaits pour les Directeurs de la Photo, les Assistants Caméra et les pointeurs.
Les grands CineMonitorHD sont utilisés sur des grues comme LOUMA™