Recommended media

SD Card media Specifications

The maximum working size tested on the monitor is 128GBytes.

 SD Cards are supported to this size.
Capacities over 128GBytes have not been tested.

The SD card must be formatted in FAT32.

The SD card can be formatted by any computer or devices that can format the card into FAT32 File System.
The SD card can be formatted directly from the monitor. For this, go to the Technical Menu / Media Tab section for Stargate and System / SD Format icon for Starlite.

SD Card Speed Class
As the monitor records directly on the SD card, speed is needed.

SD cards exist in multiple “Classes”, each of which describes the maximum speed of the Reading and Writing operations.
Class 10
 is required for the Stargate and Starlite to record video.

Samsung and SanDisk models have been tested with the Stargate and Starlite monitors.

We do not guarantee performance with other brands