More powerful - New hardware

High resolution picture, low latency, improved Peaking

Starting from 1250*,- Euros

*Without VAT - ExWorks

Transvideo StarlteHD+ monitor recorder
  • Waveform
  • Histogram
  • Vectorscope
  • Focus Puller view
  • Improved Peaking
  • Zoom 1:1 (px to px)
  • Slide in Zoom
Record features
  • REC on SDI
  • Auto REC
  • Snapshot
Intuitive interface
  • User assignable smart corners
  • H & V Flip
  • Configuration file
Data / Lenses
And more...
  • PDF reports
  • VirtualHorizon
  • ARRI mode for StarliteHD5+ ARRI, ...

Inspired by the StarliteHD core technologies

With its new hardware, the StarliteHD+ has all StarliteHD V2 functionalities and much more. It provides an increased picture resolution, low latency, and an improved Peaking enhancing its many capabilities further and making it also an excellent choice for different oriented jobs such us focus pulling. The StarliteHD+ now accepts SDI 3G Level A and Level B

The StarliteHD V2 is discontinued but upgrade from V1 to V2 remains available for StarliteHD(1) and StarliteHD5-ARRI (without possibility of upgrade to StarliteHD+ after)
(1) Depends on the model and serial number

 165*,- Euros with upgrade kit(2) or at the factory(3)

*Without VAT - ExWorks
(2) Tools shipping cost worldwide included
(3) Return cost worldwide included

Transvideo StarlteHD+ monitor recorder Focus Puller


Digital Cinematography
High Speed Digital Camera
Handheld rigs & Steadicam™

Intuitive interface

A new concept of human interface uses the power of the touch screen panel and rids the user of incomprehensible and endless tiered menus.

Built-in tools

Built-in tools include a high-resolution waveform monitor, a precise vectorscope and an histogram of the luminance, while an embedded recorder delivers dailies in H.264 on to SD cards.
You can take some snapshots and generate pdf reports including camera and lenses metadatas (ARRI and SONY cameras carying metadatas through HD-SDI only).

Small and lightweight

With cameras reducing in size and portable systems becoming more and more compact, Transvideo has created a small 5” HD OLED monitor, about the size of a smartphone and weighting only 190 Grams (0.4lbs).

Manufacturing quality

The StarliteHD housing is extremely rugged, machined in aviation-grade aluminium
A wide range of accessories is planned, from battery support to detachable sun hood and more.


Standard version

Starting from 1250*,- Euros

*Without VAT - ExWorks

Transvideo StarliteHD+

StarliteHD5+ ARRI

With ARRI camera interface

Sold exclusively by ARRI sales channels

Accessories available to order online

The StarliteHD+ inspires the entire range. With intuitive customizable touchscreen, the user is finally free of endless menus.

Versatile, it is a toolbox finding its place on the most exigent sets. Despite its light weight and small size, the StarliteHD+ is built to last with an aluminium machined body.

Only available through ARRI’s sales channels, the StarliteHD5+ ARRI remotes the ALEXA Mini and the AMIRA throught a specific menu activated when the monitor is connected to the EXT connector of the camera.

StarliteHD5+ ARRI is compatible with any other cameras with standard functionalities.

StarliteHD+ features

Intuitive interface

  • Smart corners for user assigned tools
  • Zoom zone (tap to zoom and slide to move the zoomed picture)
  • Rec zone
  • Arri mode (only for StarliteHD5+ ARRI)

Built-in tools

  • PDF report
  • VirtualHorizon
  • AutoREC control
  • Reverse mode, Viewfinder mode
  • Anamorphic Desqueeze 1.3x, 2x, ...
  • H&V Flip, Zoom switch, ...

Assignable smart corners

  • Waveform, Histogram, Verctorscope
  • Focus Puller view
  • Peaking
  • Metadata view
  • Centered Zoom
  • Quick access to last record, ...


  • Activate / Deactivate icon
  • CAL on tap


  • Histogram & Waveform can be pinned on the picture by a simple touch on the screen


  • Metadata is camera dependent.

Record dailies

  • Record status on screen
  • Start / Stop icon
  • Quick access to playback gallery
  • Quick access to snapshots gallery

Records & Snapshots Gallery

  • Intuitive navigation
  • Possibility to convert file format
    H264 to MP4 by default

Play function

  • Play status displayed
  • Rewind / Forward
  • Quick access to records gallery
  • Possibility to delete record


StarliteHD5+ ARRI

ARRI Cameras & StarliteHD Connectors Pin-Outs

All pin-outs for camera interfaces appear as seen by the user.

* Warning
Transvideo uses a specific cable for the StarliteHD5+ ARRI
User must be extremely careful with the wiring of custom cables. Using other cables may damage the product.

Model917TS0177 - StarliteHD+917TS0178 - StarliteHD5+ ARRI
Video Input1 x 3G/HD/SDI  
Video Output 1 x 3G/HD/SDI
Supported Standards

3G:   1080 / 50p, 60p
HD:   1080 / 50i, 60i
         1080 / 24p, 25p, 30p
         1080 / 24psf, 25psf
         720 / 25p, 30p, 50p, 60p
SDI:  525 / 60i
         625 / 50i

Recorder.H264 - with possibility to replay  
 Display type & size AMOLED - 5 inches  
 PixelsPicture zone 1280 x 720  
Contrast ratio
Viewing angle
±80° H & V
Color temperatureD56  
AvengerLeveler TM


Power5-30V DC power input through Lemo2 "0B"
1 GND, 2 VDC
 6-30V DC power input through Lemo5
Power Cons.

6W nominal

Battery Socket

Sony type L

External SD Card Slot


(l x h x d)
144 x 68 x 27 mm
5,66 x 2,67 x 1,06 inches
Weight<200g, 0.5lbs  

SD card specifications

The maximum working size tested on the monitor is 128GBytes.

 SD Cards are supported to this size.
Capacities over 128GBytes have not been tested.

The SD card must be formatted in FAT32.

The SD card can be formatted by any computer or devices that can format the card into FAT32 File System.
The SD card with less than 64GB storage can be formatted directly from the monitor. For this, go to the Technical Menu / Media Tab section for Stargate and System / SD Format icon for Starlite.
64GB and upper size need a third party formatter.

SD Card Speed Class
As the monitor records directly on the SD card, speed is needed.

SD cards exist in multiple “Classes”, each of which describes the maximum speed of the Reading and Writing operations.
Class 10
 is required for the Stargate and Starlite to record video.

Samsung and SanDisk models have been tested with the Stargate and Starlite monitors.

We do not guarantee performance with other brands


StarliteHD standard package includes:

  • 1 x StarliteHD+ P/N 917TS0177
  • 1 x Power cable mini-Lemo2 mini to RS3 - P/N 906TS0169
  • 1 x HD BNC Cable - P/N 906TS0144
  • 1 x Class10 SD card
  • Microfiber pouch
All delivered in a hard case with custom foam

StarliteHD5+ ARRI package includes:

  • 1 x StarliteHD5+ ARRI - P/N 917TS0178
  • 1 x Cable Lemo5 to Lemo6 with wiring for the EXT connector of the AMIRA/MINI*
  • 1 x BNC cable - P/N 906TS0144
  • 1 x 3D swing Arm (short version : P/N918TS0261)
  • 1 x Class 10 SD card
  • Microfiber pouch
All delivered in a hard case with custom foam

* Warning
Transvideo uses a specific cable for the StarliteHD5+ ARRI
User must be extremely careful with the wiring of custom cables. Using other cables may damage the product.

Upgrade from V1 to V2

StarliteHD V2 upgrade tool kits includes:

  • 1 x BNC key to unlock StarliteHD connectors
  • 1 x Allen key to unsrew the StarliteHD back corners
  • 1 x Micro SD card to process the firmware upgrade
  • 1 x Printed documentation


Viewfinder adapter for StarliteHD range
P/N 918TS0266 - 890,-Euros exWorks
Replacement front part for Starlite lineup
P/N 918TS0267 - 20,-Euros exWorks
Sun Hood for Starlite lineup
P/N 918TS0265 - 80,-Euros exWorks
Buy online
Transportation cover plate for Starlite lineup
P/N 918TS0268 - 20,-Euros exWorks
Buy online
Mini Lemo5 to RS3 power cable - for StarliteHD5-ARRI only
P/N 906TS0188 - 130,-Euros exWorks
Mini Lemo2 to D-Tap power cable
P/N 906TS0170 - 130,-Euros exWorks
Buy online
Mini Lemo5 to 6pin straight Fisher connector for StarliteHD-ARRI only
P/N 906TS0130 - 130,-Euros exWorks
Buy online
Mini 3D Swing Arm for ARRI
P/N 918TS0261 - 150,-Euros exWorks
Buy online
Battery back Sony L/M series for StarliteHD5
P/N 918TS0251 - 250,-Euros exWorks
Buy online
Battery back Sony L/M series for StarliteHD5-ARRI only
P/N 918TS0274 - 250,-Euros exWorks
Buy online

StarliteHD family leafleft

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