Aaton-cameras smart grip handle for red arri sony

Intelligent wooden grip handle for cameras

Including remote & advanced functions - Delivered with free iOS app

Available for RED DSMC 1/2

1060*,- Euros

*Without VAT - ExWorks

You dreamed about it, Aaton-Cameras and FoolColor revive the iconic wooden handle of Aaton cameras.

Carved from walnut like the original so copied, this new creation incorporates a Bluetooth connection to communicate with an iOS device which allows you to program the accessible functions for each camera. At the moment the handle and the app are compatible with RED DSMC 1/2 cameras.

Equipped with a joystick, a 5-position switch and three buttons similar to those of the beautiful Aaton cameras, the smart-handle-Aaton-Cameras comes to life thanks to the FoolGrip App designed by Mikael Lubtchansky of FoolColor.
The App is available for free on the APPLE AppStore.

The handle is supplied with a cable allowing it to be powered and connected to a RED DSMC 1/2 camera

FoolGrip App designed by Mikael Lubtchansky, FoolColor - foolcolor.net
Android version under development

Aaton-Cameras smart grip handle controls the functionality of cameras.
It features 6 position joystick, a scroll wheel and 3 user-assigned function buttons.

Made in cooperation with Mikael Lubtchansky - Foolcolor, the handle is configured by Foolgrip mobile app via Bluetooth connection.
User can assign various functions to the handle, save them and more (see details in below FAQs)
The app is available for iOS at https://apps.apple.com/us/app/id1494386404
Android version is coming.
QuickStart Guide - Issue September 2020 >> Download

It get powered via the camera and is delivered with a specific cable

FAQs - Specifications

There is 3 user buttons on the front, a joystick on top with 4 directions and a central button plus a switch with 3 actions.
Right now, only RED DSMC 1/2 are compatible with the handle. Camera CTRL port for serial link and D-TAP power are required required.
The free software ‘Aaton grip’ available for free on the Apple App Store lets you setup and update your handle via Bluetooth.
Yes, each button (except system buttons to lock the handle and cycle pages) can have a release action and a long press action assigned.
Moreover you can create up to 4 different ‘pages’ with different sets of buttons within the app. Each page have a different colour corresponding to the handle LED colour.
You can save page or whole camera setups and reload them at any time. App can also export cheat sheet in pdf or image format to remember various button setup in case you use several pages.
Advanced features lets you assign several commands to a single button or create custom actions using RED presets feature.
Buttons can be assigned to open and close iris and also to control focus steps. However there is no dedicated focus wheel on the right version of the Aaton camera handle.
We are working on providing a solution in the future through an auxiliary handle.
Yes the handle will let you for example navigate (UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, ENTER) using the joystick, call or hide MENU and select CLOCKWISE and COUNTER-CLOCKWISE via the top switch ’s center plus up and down directions.
You still have the 3 front buttons available to start record and trigger your favorite tools.
Yes the app, created by foolcolor gives you intuitive access to almost every setting you will ever need… if you have custom needs please get in touch, if a feature was not available we can help you create advanced setups.
Yes pushing and holding the switch in the lower position will lock and unlock the handle. You can also create a page with only REC start / stop toggle for example and keep other keys unassigned to have a semi-locked handle when needed.
    Packing list includes :
  • 1 x Aaton-Cameras smart grip handle
  • 1 x Camera CTRL and power cable
  • 1 x Microfiber pouch
All delivered in a rugged box
It is made with natural walnut wood.

Foolgrip iOS app

Firmware upgrades are managed by the app (see the below quick start guide for more details)

QuickStart Guide

Issue September 2020 >> Download