StarliteRF-a V2 - Starlite ARRI WVS

StarliteRF-a V2

Wireless video monitor-recorder

High resolution picture, low latency

Includes a remote control of ARRI’s Alexa-Mini & AMIRA cameras


* Without VAT - ExWorks, according to models availability

Starlite ARRI-WVS

Wireless video monitor-recorder

With built-in receiver

Only for ARRI-SXT cameras transmitters

Sold exclusively by ARRI sales channels

Optional accessories are available and can be ordered online

Upgrade from V1 to V2 is available at the factory(1) in France at the price of 275(2),- Euros
The package of StarliteRF-a and TitanHD2 Tx / Tx-a needs to be sent back for the upgrade operation.

(1) Shipping cost excluded
(2) Without VAT - ExWorks

  • Waveform
  • Histogram
  • Vectorscope
  • Peaking
  • Zoom 1:1 (px to px)
  • Slide in Zoom
Record features
  • Rec - .H264
  • Snapshot
  • Gallery
Intuitive interface
  • User assignable smart corners
  • H & V Flip
  • Configuration file
And more built-in tools
  • Calendar & Clock
  • Tx Toggling
  • ARRI Mode for StarliteRF-a


The first all in one 5” OLED touch-screen, monitor-recorder with a built in wireless receiver.


Top class wireless transmission system with a range of 200m/600 ft without latency.


Small, lightweight and fits easily in the palm of your hand or mounted on top of remote hand units.


With an additional TitanHD2 Tx you can use the switch A/B Function through the StarliteRF-a and get 2 video signals from 2 transmitters.

Robust connection

Transvideo StarliteRF-a and Starlite ARRI-WVS operate on the 5.8Ghz ISM band. They have a top mounted antenna, and a Sony prosumer battery connection at the back.
The wireless video connectivity incorporated is without latency, with low loss and without any transmission delay.

The Starlite ARRI-WVS is specially developed for ARRI transmitters.
The StraliteRF-a can easily be paired with up to 2 TitanHD2 Tx and Tx-a transmitters. Transvideo TitanHD2 Tx-a is required to interface to and to control the ARRI Alexa-Mini and AMIRA cameras.

Manufacturing quality

The StarliteRF-a and Starlite ARRI-WVS are free of cables, lightweight and made with all the reliability, accuracy and fine engineering that Transvideo build into their products.


Starlite ARRI-WVS is the best companion of the Alexa SXT-W. Transvideo StarliteRF lineup is the perfect choice for directors, assistant directors, focus pullers and DOPs.

Intuitive interface

  • Smart corners for user assigned tools
  • Zoom zone (tap to zoom and slide to move the zoomed picture)
  • Rec zone
  • Arri mode (only for StarliteRF-a)

Built-in tools

  • SDI Out / Input Selection
  • Tx Toggling
  • Anamorphic Desqueeze 1.3x, 2x
  • H&V Flip, Zoom switch, ...

Assignable smart corners

  • Waveform, Histogram, Verctorscope
  • Peaking
  • Input selection (Wireless or BNC), Tx selection
  • Snapshot, ...

Record dailies

  • Record status on screen
  • Start / Stop icon
  • Quick access to playback gallery
  • Quick access to snapshots gallery

Records & Snapshots Gallery

  • Intuitive navigation
  • Possibility to cenvert file format
    H264 to MP4 by default

Play function

  • Play status displayed
  • Rewind / Forward
  • Quick access to records gallery
  • Possibility to delete record

Video Input / Output1 x 3G/HD/SDI
Supported Standards 3G:  1080 / 50p, 60p
HD:  1080 / 50i, 60i
        1080 / 24p, 25p, 30p
        1080 / 24psf, 25psf
        720 / 25p, 30p, 50p, 60p
Recorder.H264 - with possibility to replay
 Display type & size AMOLED - 5 inches
 PixelsPicture zone 1280 x 720
Contrast ratio
Viewing angle
±170° H & V
Color temperatureD56
AvengerLeveler TM


Power6-30V DC power input through Lemo2 "0B"
1 GND, 2 VDC
Power Cons.

12W nominal

Battery Socket

Sony type L

Built-in receiver Frequency

5.8 GHz ISM band

External SD Card Slot


(l x h x d)

144 x 128 x 40 mm
5.66 x 5.03 x 1.57 inches

Weight350g, 0.77lbs

SD card specifications

The maximum working size tested on the monitor is 128GBytes.

 SD Cards are supported to this size.
Capacities over 128GBytes have not been tested.

The SD card must be formatted in FAT32.

The SD card can be formatted by any computer or devices that can format the card into FAT32 File System.
The SD card with less than 64GB storage can be formatted directly from the monitor. For this, go to the Technical Menu / Media Tab section for Stargate and System / SD Format icon for Starlite.
64GB and upper size need a third party formatter.

SD Card Speed Class
As the monitor records directly on the SD card, speed is needed.

SD cards exist in multiple “Classes”, each of which describes the maximum speed of the Reading and Writing operations.
Class 10
 is required for the Stargate and Starlite to record video.

Samsung and SanDisk models have been tested with the Stargate and Starlite monitors.

We do not guarantee performance with other brands


StarliteRF-a package includes :

  • 1 x StarliteRF-a - P/N 917TS0133
  • 1 x Lemo2 mini to D-Tap power cable for StarliteRF-a - P/N906TS0170
    (Optional Lemo2 to RS3 power cable available to order P/N 906TS0169)
  • 1 x TitanHD2 Tx-a for Alexa-Mini or Amira with 2 antennas - P/N 904TS0150
  • 1 x Lemo5 to Lemo6 power cable for TitanHD2 Tx - P/N 906TS0193
  • 1 x Lemo5 to D-Tap power cable TitanHD2 Tx - P/N 906TS0187
    (Optional Lemo5 to RS3 power cable available to order P/N 906TS0188)
  • 1 x 4.5GHz HDTV cable BNC-M/BNC-M 1m Cable - P/N 906TS0144
  • 1 x BNC cable DIN 1.0/2.3 PLUG - P/N 906TS0197
  • 1 x Mini 3D swing arm for Alexa/Amira - P/N 918TS0261
  • 1 x  Class 10 SD Card
  • Microfiber cloth & bag

All delivered in a hard case with custom foam


Below accessories also available :
Replacement front part for Starlite lineup
P/N 918TS0267 - 20,-Euros exWorks
Sun Hood for Starlite lineup
P/N 918TS0265 - 80,-Euros exWorks
Buy online
Transportation cover plate for Starlite lineup
P/N 918TS0268 - 20,-Euros exWorks
Buy online

StarliteRF-a brochure

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Starlite family leafleft

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