In addition to all StarliteHD+ functionalities, the StarliteHD-m, with metadata aggregator is really an electronic toolbox; this small monitor can provide the necessary tools, whatever the job or the requirement:
For the focus puller (zoom, peaking, focus puller view),
For the script assistant (record/playback, metadata view),
For the user of stabilized equipment (virtual horizon).

Starting from
Article: 917TS0142 / 917TS0185

StarliteHD-m "Metadator"

Monitor - Recorder with metadata agregator

The Missing Link between Cameras, Lenses, Post Productions & VFX
Simple to use - no hassle to set-up
Simple MultiCam use with one monitor per camera

Available for most of top camera brands

Despite of its small form factor, the StarliteHD-m is an advanced electronic toolbox

This remarkable monitor provides the necessary tools, whatever the job or the requirement:
For the focus puller (zoom, peaking, focus puller view),
For the script assistant (record/playback, metadata view, PDF report),
For the user of stabilized equipment (virtual horizon),

But the essential power of the StarliteHD-m resides in its ability to gather information from the different smart devices it is connected to :
Metadata transmitted through the SDI signal,
Camera information through the Ethernet link,
Lens metadata through Cooke /i or Zeiss eXtended serial link

Transvideo StarliteHD-m monitor metadator 917TS0142 lens reader video-assist camera digital cinema

Lens file and post production

Recent developments of lenses give access to critical information: shading, distortion map, inertial data or illumination tables that are available through a direct serial connection.
Basic informations are often available through the camera mount and transferred to the HD-SDI output but the advanced data, necessary for the post production and special FX must be collected directly from the lens.

The StarliteHD-m is the missing link - It agregates data from lenses and cameras.
Files are generated onto a SD card and are immediately available to be processed through the plugins developped by the lens manufacturer, providing a non-negligible gain of time. No need of complicated software to do that.

A set of cables is all you need to recover the lens data

HD-SDI BNC cable

Basic lens information provided by Cooke /i, LDS (Arri)
Camera information from RDD18 (Sony) or ARRI protocol.

Lens Reader™

Cooke /i3, /i², /i and Zeiss eXtended basic and advanced metadata.

Ethernet cable

More information gathered to the metadata file.

TC in (Lemo3 "00")

Gathers precise Time Code (LTC type) from the camera.

Manufacturing quality

The StarliteHD-m housing is extremely rugged, machined in aviation-grade aluminium
A wide range of accessories is planned, from battery support to detachable sun hood and more.

StarliteHD-m compatibility

The figure below also lists the features provided by the StarliteHD-m for different configurations





Cables Part Numbers



SDIEthernet Cable*Lens cableTC Cable*Protocols

Alexa Mini
Alexa SXT / LF

906TS0215906TS0214906TS0216/i3, /i2, /i
Extended /i commands
for Lens shading

View Metadata

View Focus Puller

Auto REC


Zeiss lens files:
generated lens file is
Import with post
production software is

Data recording is
triggered on master TC,
not on SDI generated TC   

 PanasonicVaricam LT
 REDEpic / Scarlet - DSMC2



 SONY  Venice906TS0225906TS0222
F65- -
F3 / F5 / F55-906TS0217
(1) More cameras to come
*   Availabilty of Ethernet and Timecode output may vary depending on cameras.
Model917TS0142 - StarliteHD-m
Video Input1 x 3G/HD/SDI  
Video Output 1 x 3G/HD/SDI
Supported Standards

3G:   1080 / 50p, 60p
HD:   1080 / 50i, 60i
         1080 / 24p, 25p, 30p
         1080 / 24psf, 25psf
         720 / 25p, 30p, 50p, 60p
SDI:  525 / 60i
         625 / 50i

Recorder.H264 - with possibility to replay  and convert
 Display type & size AMOLED - 5 inches  
 Pixels1280 x 720  
Contrast ratio
Viewing angle
±80° H & V
Color temperatureD56  
AvengerLeveler TM


Power6-30V DC power input through Lemo5 "0B"
Power Cons.

6W nominal

Battery Socket

Sony type L

External SD Card Slot


(l x h x d)
144 x 68 x 37 mm
5,66 x 2,67 x 1,45 inches
Weight270g, 0.6lbs  

StarliteHD-m Full Package includes:

  • 1 x StarliteHD-m P/N 917TS0142 (incl. removable front part with magnetic attachment)
  • 1 x Lemo5 "0B" to RS3 power cable for ARRI & SONY - P/N 906TS0188
  • 1 x Lemo5 "0B" to DTap power cable for RED - P/N 906TS0187
  • 1 x Lemo5 "0B" to Hirose4 for Varicam - P/N 906TS0234
  • 1 x Thin BNC cable - P/N 906TS0219 or 906TS0220
  • 1 x Lemo4 to Lemo4 cable for Lens - P/N 906TS0214
  • 1 x RJ45 - Ethernet cable - P/N 906TS0225
  • 1 x Ethernet to RS232 converter for RED DSMC2 camera - P/N 906TS0226
  • 1 x Class10 SD card
  • 1 x Microfiber pouch P/N 918TS0270

All delivered in a hard case with custom foam


StarliteHD-m monitor only includes:

1 x StarliteHD-m P/N 917TS0142
Delivered in a box

StarliteHD-m Transvideo camera metadata video assist oled monitor recorder lens reader


Viewfinder adapter for StarliteHD range
P/N 918TS0266
Replacement front part for Starlite lineup
P/N 918TS0267
Sun Hood for Starlite lineup
P/N 918TS0265
Buy online
Transportation cover plate for Starlite lineup
P/N 918TS0268
Buy online
Lemo3 "00" to Lemo5 "1B" Sony Venice TC cable
P/N 906TS0222
Lemo3 "00" to BNC- TC cable
P/N 906TS0217
Lemo3 "00" to Lemo5 "0B"- TC cable
P/N 906TS0216
Buy online
Lemo5 "0B" to D-Tap power cable
P/N 906TS0187 - 130,-Euros exWorks
Mini 3D Swing Arm for ARRI
P/N 918TS0261
Buy online
Battery back Sony L/M series for StarliteHD5
P/N 918TS0251
Buy online


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