3D Stereo monitors

The most advanced tools for 3D monitoring and non-genlocked cameras
Comes in 10, 12 and 15 inch SuperBright models.
  • Includes all CineMonitorHD 3DView Evolution tools, plus
  • Embedded synchronizer and 2 x processed outputs
  • 6 difference modes to let the fringes appear
  • Checker board and horizontal split mode to adjust iris and color temperature
Digital 3DView S3D wireless system and monitor
  • 2 x HD SDI or HDMI and embedded synchronizer
  • Carries 3D-Stereoscopic side by side pictures
  • Latency bellow 5ms for real-time 3D monitoriung
  • Features all tools of the CineMonitorHD 3DView Evolution
  • Works on the 5.8GHz ISM band (don't require broadcast license)
Accessories for 3DView S3D field monitors
  • Anaglyph and shutter glasses
  • Dual BNC Cables and dual video distributor