Special IBC 2013 - Sept 13-18 Amsterdam
Visit us booth 11.F31 and play to win a RainbowHD
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The new StarliteHD
5" ultra-slim OLED touch-screen monitor
One of our major announcements this year at IBC is the new, ultra-slim and lightweight StarliteHD monitor. About the size of an iPhone5, the new StarliteHD has an advanced OLED 5" diagonal display.
StarliteHD - Price 1470€ - Learn more
Records HD video on SD-card
3G / HD-SDI In & Out
OLED 5" screen w/ EBU color gamut
Touch-screen display
Lightweight (< 200g - 0.5lbs)
5-44v DC power input - mini Lemo2
Low power consumption
2000Nits top of the art SuperBright™ monitor
The CineMonitorHD6 X-SBL , for eXtremely SuperBright Led, is a new generation of SuperBright™ monitor with a brightness ability of 2000Nits.
This latest addition to the CineMonitorHD Evolution family is so far the brightest monitor of the Industry, ideal for Body-rig & Steadicam™, remote head operation, camera cars, aerials or handled work in day light and bright lighting setups.
The CineMonitorHD6 X-SBL includes VirtualHorizon2. Learn more
Incredible stability with the freedom of wireless
VirtualHorizon3 is a new remote electronic "bubble level".
It attaches anywhere, at the picture origin or center of gravity of the rig and transmits via Bluetooth to your CineMonitorHD Evolution (SW 7.xx). VirtualHorizon3 features the same stability of VirtualHorizon2™ with real-time shock compensation and acceleration compensation. Several brackets are in development.
Weight: less than 60g (0.15lbs)
Power from internal battery or through mini Lemo2 (5-35v DC)
P/N 917TS0111 - VirtualHorizon3 (incl. post clamp) - 1450€
P/N 917TS0112 - Bluetooth interface for CineMonitorHD Evolution - 300€
P/N 917TS0092 - VirtualHorizon2 for CineMonitorHD Evolution - 700€ 500€
P/N 917TS0017 - Avenger Leveler (The Original) Free with CineMonitorHD
New Yokes with multi rods adapter
For Body-rig and Steadicam™
Thanks to its multi rods adapter, these new yokes for 6" & 8" CineMonitorHD and 7" RainbowHD are compatible with some Steadicam™, PRO™ and MK-V™ systems.
They attach on 15mm rods with 56mm spacing, or on 5/8" rods (16mm) with 3" and 3.5" spacing (76 and 89mm).
They use a constant torque rotating system, allowing the user to adjust the monitor position without using any tools.
Input profiles
C-Log, S-Log & S-Log2, Canon-Log, Rec709
TransvideoLabs engineers introduced new input profiles on RainbowHD and CineMonitorHD Evolution (SW 7.xx). They include C-Log, S-Log & S-Log2, Canon-Log, Rec709 (and linear).
LensReader™ by Transvideo
More /i and LDS lenses supported
The LensReader (real-time focus, iris and zoom metadata on-screen) has been updated for the latest Arri/Fujinon Alura light weight zooms. The LensReader also supports the Arri/Zeiss Master and Ultra primes (and soon Master Anamorphic), as well as the Cooke 5/i, S4/i and miniS4/i (and soon Anamorphic/i). LensReader is ready for the new Thales Angenieux Optimo unveiled during IBC2013.
The LensReader also features the recovery of the Cooke /i metadata through the SDI outputs of Arri Alexa (with the latest SUP 8.1) and Sony F5 / F55 / F65 (with the latest firmware 3.0).
A new specific zoom
To work with Alexa™ in 4:3 mode
TransvideoLabs engineers added a new specific zoom mode to work with Arri Alexa™ 4:3 with spherical lenses.

On the CineMonitorHD Evolution (SW 6.xx & 7.xx), an additional zoom allows to display in full screen the active 16/9 picture.
The RainbowHD features a custom zoom to scale a specific area, ideal for ARRI Alexa™ in 4:3 mode or DSLRs.
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