The well known VirtualHorizon™ from Transvideo is a range of color coded digital leveler which displays on screen.

It features several renditions, as well as adjustable sensitivity and direction. It has been the first precision electronic bubble to be displayed on the picture in HD and SD.

Developed by TransvideoLabs this unprecedented precision tool for the Steadicam world allowed shots with amazing stability since the early 2000s.


The AvengerLeveler is the original on-screen HD leveler, free with all CineMonitor HD and also with the Rainbow HD SBL. The AvengerLeveler is driven by a built-in sensor or by the Betz-Tools external horizon. On-screen display of horizon and level.


VirtualHorizon2™ is a patented electronic bubble with real-time shock compensation and acceleration compensation.

The lateral acceleration is real-time evaluated and corrects the position of the leveler, for example when the operator pans. A shock filtering increases the amazing stability of this hitech leveler and allows a scale of ±2°. On-screen display of horizon and level.

Optional feature, available on CineMonitor HD Evolution range (must be ordered with the monitor). Upgrades available (hardware & firmware dependent).

P/N 917TS0092 - VirtualHorizon2™ - Buy it online!


VirtualHorizon3™ is a new remote electronic "bubble level".

It attaches anywhere, and transmits via Bluetooth to your CineMonitor HD Evolution (SW 7.xx). For example, fix the VirtualHorizon3™ module to the post of your body-rig, the top of a Steadicam™ Tango, or on the top of your remote-headed camera.

VirtualHorizon3™ features the same stability of VirtualHorizon2™ with real-time shock compensation and acceleration compensation.

Weight: less than 50g (0.11lbs)
Power from internal battery or through mini Lemo2 (5-35v DC)
On-screen display of horizon and level.
The CineMonitorHD Evolution requires a Bluetooth module.

P/N 917TS0111 - VirtualHorizon3™ - Buy it online!

P/N 917TS0112 - Bluetooth module for CineMonitorHD Evolution

Virtual Horizon 3