Wireless Video HD/SD

Digital HD wireless transmission system and monitor
  • Operates on 5.8GHz ISM band
  • Uses battery (V-Mount / Anton-Bauer / Sony) or external DC
  • Reliable transmision without latency
  • Works on a range of 200m/600ft
Digital 3DView S3D wireless system and monitor
  • 2 x HD SDI or HDMI and embedded synchronizer
  • Carries 3D-Stereoscopic side by side pictures
  • Latency bellow 5ms for real-time 3D monitoriung
  • Features all tools of the CineMonitorHD 3DView Evolution
  • Works on the 5.8GHz ISM band (don't require broadcast license)
First multi-directional microwave wireless system
  • Transmits and receives through residential walls, floors, ceilings and crowds
  • Real time transmission with a 300m (1000ft) range line of sight
  • Light, compact and very rugged
Portable UHF and VHF tuners and wireless monitors
Ideal for multi-cameras monitoring
  • Highly stable reception
  • M-N, L/BG, MODULUS/BG or D/K/I systems
  • Light, compact and very rugged
Various accessories
  • Antennas and antennas kit
  • Mounting systems, ...