Transvideo TitanHD2 Rx
Wireless video transition system operating on the 5.8Ghz ISM band. TitanHD2 Tx and Rx have everything you need to create a reliable connection in seconds. Multiple TitanHD2 receivers can be easily paired with the same transmitter.
Price: €1.700,00 (ex. VAT, ExWorks)
Article: 904TS0147
Weight: 0 g
Transvideo TitanHD2 Tx
New top-class wireless video transmitter.
The TitanHD2 Tx & Tx-a can be paired with up to 4 receivers  : TitanHD2 Rx, StarliteRF, StarliteRF-a
up to 2 StarliteRF / StarliteRF-a can be paired with one TitanHD2 TxRange of 200m/600ft.
Price: €2.100,00 (ex. VAT, ExWorks)
Article: 904TS0150
Weight: 220 g
Price: €5.500,00 (ex. VAT, ExWorks)
Article: 917TS0091
Weight: 0 g
Transvideo StarliteRF-a
Wireless monitor-recorder with advanced camera control capabilities.
  • 5'' OLED touch-screen with an excellent visibility even in bright environment
  • Small and lightweight
  • Operates on 5.8GHz ISM band
  • Works in a range of 200 meters...
  • Price: €4.950,00 (ex. VAT, ExWorks)
    Article: 917TS0140
    Weight: 360 g
    Transvideo TitanHD2 Tx & TitanHD2 Rx
    New wireless Transmission system of Transvideo
    Great solution for your next production
    TitanHD2 Tx (or Tx-a) and TitanHD2 Rx are small and lightweight
    Very easy to pair and can be used in any type of configuration
    Price: €3.795,00 (ex. VAT, ExWorks)
    Article: 904TS0148
    Weight: 0 g
    Price: €2.500,00 (ex. VAT, ExWorks)
    Article: 904TS0129
    Weight: 0 kg
    Price: €3.900,00 (ex. VAT, ExWorks)
    Article: 917TS0077
    Weight: 2080 g