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NewsLetter October 2013
TOPICS Tap to calibrate Horizon, New software releases, LOG profiles, Anamorphic desqueeze, new peaking modes, 3G-SDI, Waveforms, Special deals
Tap on screen to calibrate your VirtualHorizon
This is a world premiere in the Body-rig and Steadicam™ industry: TransvideoLabs engineers introduce the new and unique Cal-on-Tap™ feature to zero calibrate the VirtualHorizon.
Once your set is well balanced, just tap on screen or on Transvideo logo to zero calibrate the VirtualHorizon. This feature is available for free on CineMonitorHD Evolution (SW7) equipped with VirtualHorizon2, as well as on RainbowHD SBL.
CineMonitorHD Evolution SW7
Software package 7.12c
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What's new:
- Cal-on-Tap™ to calibrate VirtualHorizon2
- Anamorphic desqueeze 2x & 1.3x
- Angénieux Optimo DP 25-250/i now supported by the LensReader
- Log profiles improvements
Build 130
› Download and update
What's new:
- Cal-on-Tap™ to calibrate VirtualHorizon
- Anamorphic desqueeze 2x & 1.3x
- Anamorphic zoom
- Custom zoom
- 3G-SDI now supported
- New "Waveform View"
- Log profiles improvements
- Improved peaking after feedback of Focus Pulling community
RSC Master Class
24-27 October 2013
Bucharest, Romania
16-23 November 2013
Bydgoszcz, Poland
19-21 November 2013
Paris, France

Full screen Waveform on CineMonitorHD
The full screen waveform is a default feature available on all CineMonitorHD Classic (software 4.xx) and CineMonitorHD Evolution (software 5.xx, 6.xx, 7.xx).
Three sizes are available: when turning on the waveform, turning the knob toggles the size of the waveform between small, medium and large (full screen). The brightness of the spot, the brightness of the graticule and the background transparency can be adjusted.
CineMonitorHD10SB Evolution "special edition"
At only 2990,-€
This special edition offers the same features of our latest CineMonitorHD10 SB Evolution (except the CVBS output and the power output).
This SuperBright (over 1000Nits) 10"4 mutliformat HD/SD monitor is ideal as a medium size field monitor, on crane or as a Director's finder.
Only available online
P/N 917TS0054SE - 2990,-€
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Refurbished & demo units
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New refurbished products are available online. All refurbished products are dully tested and certified according to our quality standard. We include one year warranty.
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