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December 2014

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Camerimage 2014 Feedback
AFFECT’s dinner in Bydgoszcz
InterBee 2014 with NAC
InterAction in Italy - Dec 2014

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GatesHousings goes deep with a 3DView
Parafoto flyes high with the StarliteHD

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StarliteHD new build 112

The International Film Festival of the Art of Cinematography CAMERIMAGE is maybe the greatest and most recognized festival dedicated to the art of cinematography and its creators - cinematographers.

The goal of CAMERIMAGE is to contribute to the growth of cinematographers’ prestige. The unconventional format of the Festival, which awards films according to their visual, aesthetic and technical values, has turned out to be an alternative for a lot of traditional film festivals.

As all guests emphasize - CAMERIMAGE is unique - and we confirm that it is true.
The Festival is a great forum not only for presentation but also for further development of international moviemaking. CAMERIMAGE helps young filmmakers to integrate the community of those already recognized, allowing them to explore new artistic fields.
For years, Transvideo is a strong supporter of Camerimage. Every year we take student from major French schools to put them in touch with the biggest names of the Industry. It’s also a great opportunity for us to present our latest developments to an international audience and say a big “Merci” to those who use us already!


AFFECT’s dinner in Bydgoszcz
As each year, a dinner was given at the Pod Orlem Hotel for the students invited by Transvideo and K5600 to discover Camerimage. This year it was under the umbrella of the AFFECT, the Association of French Manufacturers of Cinematic Equipment - this new born association includes Aaton-Digital, Angenieux, K5600-Lighting and Transvideo. This year we invited 20 students from Paris, La Femis and Louis Lumière, Lodz Film School and from Germany with HFF and HdM. A cheerful event with a lot of special guests, as Denny Clairmont and Mardrie Mullen from Clairmont Cameras, Denis Lenoir AFC ASC, and several AFC members as Rémy Chevrin, Jean-Noel Ferragut, Philippe Ros and Jean-Louis Vialard.

NAC Image Technology is a world leader in the development and production of advanced imaging and motion analysis systems. NAC, the new distributor of TRANSVIDEO in Japan, shares with us a passion for quality and we strongly believe that our cooperation will be the beginning of a new success story in Japan. NAC has already exhibited our latest products during InterBEE in Tokyo. The StarliteHD mounted on ARRI Alexa and Amira was a great hit with Japanese visitors.


A Brilliant Panel for the workshop «The Image Crew » moderated by Benjamin B, Nov 19th during Camerimage - Matthew Libatique, ASC (Noah, Black Swan, Iron Man 1 &2...), Dick Pope, BSC (Mr Turner, The Illusionist, Secrets and Lies...), Thomas English Steadicamer, John Bailie, 1st AC, Peter Marsden DIT and Helmut Prein Gaffer. Sponsored by K5600 and Transvideo, this event highlighted today’s working environment on most of recent movies.


InterAction is a new concept of social event allowing members of the film community, DPs, Gaffers, Assitants, Sound Engineers, to test, compare equiment and share their personnal experience in a friendly environment. Organized by Aaton-Digital, K5600-Lighting and Transvideo, the latest InterAction was held in Roma, Italy at the "Centro Sperimentale Scuola Nazionale di Cinema". A great success with more than 150 visitors from the Italian Film Industry. Many thanks to the AIC, AITS and EMIC for their wonderful help to organize the event. Also to Panalight, Lambda and Cartoni Italy for their kind support.


Adi Geisegger, born 1975 in Tirol, lives as a photographer and tandem pilot in Natters, Tirol. At age 10 he discovered the wonderful nature of mountains and started to shoot stills with a Rollei 35s.

Attracted by aerial photography and with the help of a kite he made his first pictures from a different perspective. After graduation from the photography shool he decided to learn paragliding, and created the first professional recordings from a bird’s perspective.


Now, his company ParaFoto is specialized in air and nature scenes. Flying high as 4500 meters with temperature low as -20°C, Adi needed a trustable light weight monitor - It is why he choosed the StarliteHD.


The year is 1969. Men walk on the moon The New York Jets win the Super Bowl. Woodstock defines a generation. Elwyn Gates changes the world of underwater imaging. After more than three decades of building a reputation for ‘bulletproof’ housings, Elwyn and Ann sold the company to John and Karen Ellerbrock in 2002. Building on that solid reputation, Gates today serves the professional markets: cinema, broadcast, research, military and many others. Through it all, Gates has stood on a single mantra:

Don’t take a chance....take a Gates!

John Ellerbrock built an underwater housing for the CineMonitorHD 3DView 12” toolbox for Stereographers. Now he is working on a new underwater shelter for the StarliteHD.

 - Build 112

The latest build for the StarliteHD is available for download on our web site www.transvideo.eu/software-updates.
It includes several exciting new features and also a lot of improvements of the interface.


Quick decision menu after AutoRec

After an AutoRec, 3 big icons appear on screen :
PLAY, immediately plays the latest recorded clip
GO, you leave to the default display mode
DELETE, you delete the file (i.e. you know that the take was wrong or false start)

Online Setting of the h.264 compression level & default name of the clips
• Possibility to adjust the compression level and to choose intra mode for coding.
• Possibility to choose a default name for the clips
The options are set online on our web site, a file is generated and placed manually onto the SD card.


Available for ARRI and SONY cameras.
Should be available soon for CANON and RED.