Upgrades are available for all StarliteHD5-ARRI(*) with any serial number.
and StarliteHD(*) with Serial Numbers  beginning with the following characters :
15KS, 15MS, 16AS, 16BS, 16CS, 16DS, 16ES, 16FS, 16GS, 16HS, 16JS, 16KS, 16LS, 16MS, 17AS, 17BS, 17CS, 17DS, 17ES, 17FS, 17GS, 17HS, 17JS, 17KS, 17LS, 17MS, 18AS, 18AS, 18BS, 18CS, 18DS
(*)Subject to consistency with the monitor hardware
Price includes upgrade firmware and labor cost (excl. transport & custom fees, excl. VAT)
If you wish to upgrade yourself, you can order an upgrade toolkit, click here to read details.

Article: 917TS0160

Upgrade only available form V1 (build 1.xx or 2.xx) to V2 (3.xx)

Change the soul of your starliteHD with a new firmware, an increased picture resolution, reduced latency and new functionalities such as Focus Puller view and more.

The upgrade is made by Transvideo.
No need to update the monitor before sending it to the factory.

The StarliteHD serial number must be attached to the order.

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