Philippe Ros, AFC - RainbowHD on a Sony™ F55 / F65 masterclass

Seoul, December 2013 - Kocca training session
Philippe Ros, AFC - Cinematographer and instructor
Masterclass on Sony™ F55 / F65 workflow

Philippe Ros was invited by Mr Kim Tae Wan, Cinematographer KBCDA, Project Manager UHD 3D.

The workshop took place at the UHD 3D Training Center in the Kocca training studio in Seoul beginning of december 2013. It was organized with the help of Ms Kim Jihyun, Colorist, Producer and the help of professor Alaric Hamacher, Stereographer.

Intensive use of the Rainbow 7 monitoring and a full set of Joker lamps has been during this event.


Special thanks to:
Marc Galerne, K5600
Mr Song Sung Min, Camera Operator
Mr Seo Hong Jun, Camera Operator
Mr Lee Gak Hyun, Data Manager
Mr Kim Man Jea, Manager from Kocca
Mr Hwang Young sik, Gaffer

Philippe Ros Cinematographer / Instructor AFC and students