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After listening to Directors, Operators and Assistants for several years, the 6" Cinemonitor™ III is born.
Thanks to the built-in Format Converter it is switchable between 4:3, 16/9 and Anamorphic.
The 4:3 ratio with 16/9 extract lines and the 16/9 ratio with 14/9 lines help framing for today and tomorrow's editing.
The 6" Cinemonitor™ III can be set in Color, Green Screen and Black & White

With a weight of only 2lbs, low power consumption (800mAmp), widest viewing angle available today for off-axis use and viewable without hood in full sun: it is the ultimate location monitor.

Article: 911TS0030

User-friendly: the digital keypad accesses to electronic menus, while manual potentiometers provide quick adjustments of basic screen settings.
It features three Composite video in, a straight video out and a Video-out Processed. If the monitor is set in 16/9 the video out processed will be 16/9. This processed signal can be fed to other monitors, recorders or transmitters.
The 6" Cinemonitor™ III also accepts the higher quality Y/C input available on modern Arriflex® video-assists.

Ideal for body rigs, it is also the only monitor offering a comprehensive voltage monitoring. The Auto-Reverse function allows to go from high-mode to low-mode without repositioning the monitor.

User-friendly interface
Current adjustments (tint, saturation, contrast &sharpness) are available at the user’s fingertipsby turning the metal knobs.

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