Specific accessories for StarliteHD, StarliteHD-ARRI and StarliteRF

U-Shape holders and other supports for field monitors

Power cables, BNC cables, and specific cables for Steadicam™ and other applications

Pro accessories for cameras

Accessories for Body Rig and Steadicam™ applications
• Multiple bridges for 16mm and 15mm rods
• Yokes, mounting kits and other supports

For CineMonitorHD, CineMonitorIII and Rainbow
• Anton-Bauer / V-Mount battery backs
• 13W and 23W converter for Mini DV batteries

AC/DC power adpaters

Delivered with US or European AC plug

• Shoulder straps for all portable monitors
• Cardon Handles to mount on the top or on the sides

Raincovers for CineMonitorHD, CineMonitorIII, Rainbow and Starlite

Sun and night hoods for CineMonitorHD, CineMonitorIII, Rainbow and Starlite monitors

Travel bags for monitors

Alternative mounting systems
• rack mount for CineMonitorHD
• knee joints, dogbones, adapters...