3DView Family

Updated 15/09/2011

The 3DView family welcome the "S2"

This new 3DView tool includes synchroniser for HDMI and HD-SDI as well new advanced tools: 
- Several differential modes to adjust the rigs and stereo 
- Checker board mode to adjust the rig and colorimetry 
- Split mode to compare the inputs 
- Side-by-side input, output and display 
- and of course all the previously available modes in the 3DView family


› Download (pdf, 2.4 MB)




CineMonitorHD & /i - The Missing Link

Updated 15/09/2011

After the esteemed integration of the COOKE /i system allowing to read the datas of the Cooke S4 & Cooke 5, Transvideo integrated the Angenieux ADS /i compatibility in its CineMonitorHD family.

The ADS /i module is provided by Angenieux and fits on the film zooms. Then lens metadatas are available through he external port of the ADS /i module or through the camera.

The /i lens reader provides accurate information to the D.P. and the Focus Puller.


› Download (pdf, 1.3 MB)