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We are pleased to introduce you the following Transvideo new products.
Transvideo CinemonitorHD6 SBL+

CinemonitorHD6 SBL+

A new version in the CineMonitorHD family with more than 2000 Nits brightness.
The monitor is delivered with the VirtualHorizon2 installed (gyrostabilised electronic bubble)
Part Number: 917TS0164
List price: 3700€ ex-Works

Transvideo StarliteHD+


The new hardware provides high resolution picture, low latency and an improved Peaking
Now accepts SDI 3G Level A and Level B
Part Number: 917TS0177
List price: 1250€ ex-Works

Transvideo StarliteRF-a V2

StarliteRF-a V2

A new version of StarliteRF-a with high resolution picture, low latency
Remotes ARRI Alexa Mini and Amira.
Part Number: 917TS0140
List price: 5000€ ex-Works

Upgrade from StraliteRF & StarliteRF-a is available at the factory in France. Price does not include shipping.
Part Number: 917TS0180
List price: 275€ ex-Works