Wim Robberechts about CineMonitorHD10 and Cineflex ELITE

"This is by far the very best combination of the Cineflex Elite control panel and a monitor."
Wim Robberechts

Wim Robberechts Aerial Filming

We don’t exactly remember ourselves how it all started. But aerial filming, mainly from a helicopter, has become one of our key specialties.

The use of the right equipment is of course of vital importance but just as important are our experience and expertise. We mainly film with a gyroscopically stabilized system. This enables us to shoot shock-proof pictures with heavy tele-lenses. Our Wescam camera systems are equipped with digital video cameras (SDI) and our newest Cineflex cameras are HD-systems (High Definition). As well as these gyroscopic systems, there are other means and possibilities. High Definition is now the newest standard but we also film on Super 16 and 35mm film formats.

Every assignment is different. We want to discuss and prepare each task thoroughly. We are happy to assist you in making the best choice and finding the right people and equipment.

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Cineflex ELITE

Designed with close collaboration between cinematographers and General Dynamics' design engineers, the Cineflex ELITE gyro-stabilized camera system is a compact, light-weight Super 35 format digital production camera system.

The Cineflex ELITE integrates the proven 5-axis stability of our Cineflex camera systems with state of the art Canon Premier® lenses and the award winning ARRI Alexa® camera, to take Super 35 format digital production to new places.

- See more at: http://www.cineflex.com/Our-Products/Cineflex-ELITE