We are @ IBC 2016

We are @ IBC 2016

Transvideo presents new high technology monitoring solutions to streamline cinematography and broadcast workflow at IBC 2016

Transvideo will present its new range of high technology monitoring solutions, designed to speed up workflow in cinematography and broadcast, streamlining the ways that creatives can collectively share what they need to see, with convenient easy to use built-in tools and with Transvideo’s proven reliability.


Stargate is landmark 7” new generation high end monitor-recorder offering new technology and functions in a compact and rugged, camera-mountable package. Stargate is full HD, 4K/6G compatible and with a brightness of 1000 nits.

Stargate offers fast path processing with immediate display capabilities, increasingly important in many shooting situations. It has the ability to record dailies (H264 -> MP4/MKV) on to SD cards. It features 3D LUTs and many built in tools.


The new StarliteRF, is the first all-in-one 5” OLED touch-screen, monitor-recorder with a built in wireless receiver. It’s small and lightweight and operates on the 5.8Ghz ISM band. The wireless video connectivity is without any transmission delay The fonction switch A/B accessible through the menu of StarliteRF allows you to receive video signal from 2 Transmitters and switch within seconds.

TitanHD2 Tx
TitanHD2 Tx

The new TitanHD2, is a state of the art wireless video transition system operating on the 5.8Ghz ISM band and has everything you need to create a reliable connection in seconds.

The TitanHD2 Tx (Transmitter) is capable of connecting to multiple TitanHD2 Rx and with a range of 200m/600ft it opens a whole new range of video monitoring possibilities

TitanHD2 Rx

TitanHD2 Rx (Receiver) is a new stand alone receiver now available to complete the flexibility of this wireless video transmission system. You can add up additional Receiver Rx to complete the StarliteRF system.

TitanHD2 Rx
Build your own kits with StarliteRF, TitanHD2 Tx, and TitanHD2 Rx depending on your needs on our micro-site www.starliterf.com

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Other products as well as new mounting systems will be shown on our Booth. See you soon at IBC.