Last summer TRANSVIDEO, through its holding company ITHAKI, acquired AATON .

AATON has become AATON Digital.

The famous French company remains based in the city of Grenoble in its lengendary building on la rue de la Paix.
The development team is the same as before.  Their high level of engineering ability and exceptional customer service continues without interruption.

Aaton Digital provides service for previous products, including film cameras and audio recorders.

The development team is currently focused on the design of a new generation of Cantar audio recorder. The Cantar-X3 will be released in 2014. The Cantar-X3 extends the functionalities of the world-renowned sound recorder by adding new technology and a user-friendly interface. Of course, there will be no compromise regarding quality.

Other exciting products are in the design phase, some in partnership with big names from our industry.

Aaton Digital
2 rue de la Paix
38000 Grenoble

aaton, Transvideo
Aaton acquired by Transvideo