13W SmartDV battery back for 1 Li Battery Sony LM - Panasonic VW-VBD1 - Hitachi VMBP 13A

This 13W converter is designed for 4" Starlite and 5" RainbowII monitors

  • Steps up 7.2v to 12v DC  Sony LM, Panasonic VW-VBD1 and Hitachi VMBP 13A mini DV batteries
  • Snaps-on and is secured to the monitor thanks to a 1/4-20 knob
  • Features a voltage protection system preventing over-discharge of the mini batteries
  • Automatically shut off when voltage is too low
  • Provides ON/OFF switch and LED indicator (green: power on, orange: low battery), red: auto shut-off)


Note that excessive discharge of Mini DV battery may cause the charger to no longer recognize the battery, or to damage them.

€ 180.00
(Excl. VAT. Excl. works.)

110 g