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[12 Mar 2013]
The rosette bracket is an adapter equiped with a 60-teeth rosette (Arri style).It attaches to the side or to the top of any CineMonitorHD, RainbowHD or TitanHD Tx, making possible to adapt plenty of accessories such as this Vocas wooden handgrip (more information here).Go to the product page
Transvideo Avenger Leveler on CineMonitorHD evolution
[18 Sep 2012]
The well known VirtualHorizon™ from Transvideo, digital leveler with display on screen has been the first precision electronic bubble to be displayed on the picture in HD and SD.Developed by TransvideoLabs this unprecedented precision tool for the Steadicam world allowed shots with amazing stability since the early 2000s. With the arrival of VirtualHorizon2, Transvideo has decided to offer...
[31 Jul 2012]
Measuring distance just became easier with the Cinematography Electronics CINE TAPE MEASURE System. This versatile ultrasonic system continuously  calculates the distance between a subject and the camera's film-plane. By continuously measuring distance during a shot, small or subtle subject movements are no longer a problem. With non-stop measurements, focusing a camera lens is simplified...
[05 Jun 2012]
VirtualHorizon2™ is a patented new generation of electronic bubble with inertia compensation. The lateral acceleration is real time evaluated and corrects the position of the leveler, for example when the operator pans.A shock filtering increases the amazing stability of this hitech leveler and allows a scale of ±2° when the compensation is activated.It is the ultimate leveler for Steadicam™ and...
[05 Jun 2012]
Enhanced SuperBright is the state of the art optical enhancement for full sun operation. The reflections caused by the surrounding environment are dramatically reduced, thus improving contrast and outdoor readibility. In addition, risk of moisture and fogging are completely ruled out.CineMonitorHD 10" SB, 12" SB and 15" SBL are already delivered with this feature.Enhanced SuperBright is now...
[09 Feb 2012]
This new aluminum plate fits in place of the original on on the SONY PMW-F3 camera.It gives stability and rigidity to the camera attached to a 3D Rig or any support.An optional 15mm mini rod bracket allow to use hi-torque motors as the latest Preston.2 rows of M3 fixations gives perfect compatibility with the P+STechnik Freestyle rig without extra plate.
[07 Feb 2012]
The new hood has been designed to meet the very strict requirements of a Japanese TV station.Built with the finest materials, It is fixed on the CineMonitorHD with snaps.
[03 Feb 2012]
This new 3D-Swing Arm "ALEXA" is especially built for the ARRI cameras.The index pin avoids the fixation to rotate.3 position are possible 0°, 45° and 90°.Thanks to the die-cast stainless steel body, it fits perfectly and securely on the side or on the handle of the camera.
TRANSVIDEO "old style" PL-Mount handle for SONY PMW-F3
[03 Feb 2012]
If you think that your PL Lenses are too precious to use two hands to unlock the PL-Mount of your SONY PMW-F3, you will love this new accessory from TRANSVIDEO.The stainless steel die cast handle fits in place of the original plastic part.It gives the possibillity to unlock the PL-adapter of the camera with one hand and to use the other to hold the lens.