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StarliteHD accessories
[30 Sep 2014]
StarliteHD accessories are soon available.Pre-order yours
[14 Jan 2014]
The RainbowHD Alexa™ Package is now available!This monitor package includes the following accessories:Swing arm Alexa™, U-shape handle, Sun hood, RS3 power cable, BNC cable, in a Pelicase™Learn more or buy online
[06 Dec 2013]
The latest CineMonitorHD Evolution now support 3G SDI video standard (1080p @ 50Hz & 60Hz).This new feature is available on CineMonitorHD Evolution with software versions 6.xx and 7.xx.CineMonitorHD Evolution owners may update their monitors for free.› Update my CineMonitorHD Evolution
Cal-on-Tap, tap on screen to calibrate your VirtualHorizon
[23 Oct 2013]
This is a new world premiere by Transvideo in the Body-rig and Steadicam™ industry:TransvideoLabs engineers introduce the new and unique Cal-on-Tap™ feature to zero calibrate the VirtualHorizon.Once your set is well balanced, just tap on screen or on Transvideo logo to zero calibrate the VirtualHorizon, it gives you 3 seconds to stabilize before the 0-cal.This feature is available for free on...
Transvideo input profiles
[12 Sep 2013]
TransvideoLabs engineers introduced new input profiles on RainbowHD and CineMonitorHD Evolution (SW 7.xx).The input profiles include C-Log, S-Log & S-Log2, Canon-Log, Rec709 (or linear).
Scaling for ARRI Alexa™
[12 Sep 2013]
TransvideoLabs engineers added a new specific zoom mode to work with ARRI Alexa™ in 4:3 mode (spherical lenses).On the CineMonitorHD Evolution (SW 6.xx and 7.xx), an additional zooms allows to display in full screen the active 16/9 picture.The RainbowHD features a custom zoom to scale a specific area, ideal for ARRI Alexa™ in 4:3 mode and also for DSLRs..
[12 Sep 2013]
One of our major announcements this year at IBC is the new, ultra-slim and lightweight StarliteHD monitor.About the size of an iPhone, the new StarliteHD has an advanced OLED 5" diagonal display. Highlights:- records HD video onto SD card in H.264- 3G / HD-SDI IN & reclocked output- 5" hi-res OLED screen w/ EBU color gamut- touch-screen display- lightweight (< 200g - 0.5lbs)- 5-44v DC...
New constant torque yokes and U-shape holders
[04 Apr 2013]
We introduce this month a new range of yokes and U-shape holders for RainbowHD and CineMonitorHD.They features a constant torque rotating system, allowing the user to adjust the monitor position without using any tool. The yokes are designed for body-rig and Steadicam™ applications. They are available for all 6" and 8" CineMonitorHD as well as for the new 7" RainbowHD.They fit on "89-16" and...
CineMonitorHD reads ARRI LDS through SDI
[12 Mar 2013]
TransvideoLabs engineers have recently included the LDS protocol in the CineMonitorHD.CineMonitorHD Evolution reads the metadatas from LDS lenses (MasterPrime, UltraPrime, Alura Lightweight zooms) through the HD-SDI outputs of the ARRI™ Alexa.The LensReader by Transvideo displays in real time the iris and focus on an intuitive graphic representation, as well as depth of field and hyperfocal point...
[12 Mar 2013]
The rosette bracket is an adapter equiped with a 60-teeth rosette (Arri style).It attaches to the side or to the top of any CineMonitorHD, RainbowHD or TitanHD Tx, making possible to adapt plenty of accessories such as this Vocas wooden handgrip (more information here).Go to the product page