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New price for wireless system
[16 Nov 2016]
New prices for the TitanHD and CinemonitorHD RF (limited stock) CinemonitorHD8 SBL RF  - New price : 3900€ 4500€PN : 917TS0077 BuyCinemonitorHD8 SBL RF + TitanHD Tx bundle - New price : 5500€ 7000€PN : 917TS0091 BuyAlso available CinemonitorHD8 SBL RF + TitanHD Tx & Rx bundle - Price : 7000€TitanHD Pack - New price : 3800€ 5500€PN : 904TS0129BuyTitanHD Tx - New price : 2000€ 2900€PN :...
Transvideo CinemonitorHD
[29 Sep 2015]
New prices for the 10" and 15" CinemonitorHD - SuperBright versionCinemonitorHD 10" SB - Price : 2850€PN : 917TS0054BuyCinemonitorHD 15" SBL - Price : 2980€PN : 917TS0056 Buy
StarliteHD accessories
[30 Sep 2014]
StarliteHD accessories are available in stock.Order yours
[14 Jan 2014]
The RainbowHD Alexa™ Package is now available!This monitor package includes the following accessories:Swing arm Alexa™, U-shape handle, Sun hood, RS3 power cable, BNC cable, in a Pelicase™Learn more or buy online
[06 Dec 2013]
The latest CineMonitorHD Evolution now support 3G SDI video standard (1080p @ 50Hz & 60Hz).This new feature is available on CineMonitorHD Evolution with software versions 6.xx and 7.xx.CineMonitorHD Evolution owners may update their monitors for free.› Update my CineMonitorHD Evolution
Cal-on-Tap, tap on screen to calibrate your VirtualHorizon
[23 Oct 2013]
This is a new world premiere by Transvideo in the Body-rig and Steadicam™ industry:TransvideoLabs engineers introduce the new and unique Cal-on-Tap™ feature to zero calibrate the VirtualHorizon.Once your set is well balanced, just tap on screen or on Transvideo logo to zero calibrate the VirtualHorizon, it gives you 3 seconds to stabilize before the 0-cal.This feature is available for free on...
Transvideo input profiles
[12 Sep 2013]
TransvideoLabs engineers introduced new input profiles on RainbowHD and CineMonitorHD Evolution (SW 7.xx).The input profiles include C-Log, S-Log & S-Log2, Canon-Log, Rec709 (or linear).
Scaling for ARRI Alexa™
[12 Sep 2013]
TransvideoLabs engineers added a new specific zoom mode to work with ARRI Alexa™ in 4:3 mode (spherical lenses).On the CineMonitorHD Evolution (SW 6.xx and 7.xx), an additional zooms allows to display in full screen the active 16/9 picture.The RainbowHD features a custom zoom to scale a specific area, ideal for ARRI Alexa™ in 4:3 mode and also for DSLRs..
[12 Sep 2013]
One of our major announcements this year at IBC is the new, ultra-slim and lightweight StarliteHD monitor.About the size of an iPhone, the new StarliteHD has an advanced OLED 5" diagonal display. Highlights:- records HD video onto SD card in H.264- 3G / HD-SDI IN & reclocked output- 5" hi-res OLED screen w/ EBU color gamut- touch-screen display- lightweight (< 200g - 0.5lbs)- 5-44v DC...
New constant torque yokes and U-shape holders
[04 Apr 2013]
We introduce this month a new range of yokes and U-shape holders for RainbowHD and CineMonitorHD.They features a constant torque rotating system, allowing the user to adjust the monitor position without using any tool. The yokes are designed for body-rig and Steadicam™ applications. They are available for all 6" and 8" CineMonitorHD as well as for the new 7" RainbowHD.They fit on "89-16" and...